Chef Brian Aaron

Chef, Empresario, Food Connoisseur

Creator and visionary of the sough-after successful catering company, AARON’S CATERING, Brian Aaron has been named ¨The People Who Make Miami” by Ocean Drive, “The Top 20 Industry Leaders Under 40” and named as the “The 68 Most Innovative People in the US”. Chef Brian Aaron is a Miami native and Colombian by blood. He is known to be an innovator, creator, perfectionist and is extremely obsessed with this industry and the perfect balanced meal.

With only 11 years in the industry, he has spear headed and consulted to open over 20 restaurants, mixology programs, food trucks and food & beverage operations along with his new mixology bar, “Huerta” in Bogota, Colombia.


Chef Brian "Empresario"

Chef Brian Aaron known for his innovative creativity and strategy in business process and systemization has opened, restructured, turned around 24 food and beverage operations in his career. His job boils down to a few simple things: maximizing your profit, making the operation efficient and simplifying the entire process from beginning to end.

He understands every client faces a different set of challenges in meeting this goal. He serves as a full-service food and beverage consulting resource. Clients come to him for a number of reasons. He works with startup restaurant concepts, catering companies, upscale hotels, bars & beverage programs, restaurant chains, and organizations of all sizes in between. Some are new restaurants, some are looking to get back on track, and others are ready to grow in a new direction.

Chef Brian Aaron has gained the respect and confidence of the top food and beverage executives in Miami, Colombia and Peru.

Given Chef Brian Aaron’s understanding of operations and creative menu development as well as his extensive travel and networking, he is able to provide his clients with opportunities and ideas that generate some of the most successful menu development programs in the Foodservice industry.

He provides a coordinated working relationship between marketing, operations, purchasing sales and the customer. He offers both national and regional awareness of flavors, products and trends.

Services include: 9.
Product Development, Concept Development, Recipe Development, Staff Development, Training, Operations, Resource Identification, Purchasing, Equipment Selection & Design, Contract Negotiations & Analysis, F & B Operations, Innovative Leadership, P&L Simplification & Improvement , Restaurant Concept Start-Ups, Food, Service Management, Menu Strategy, Multi-unit Chain Sales Services, Kitchen Design, Feasibility, Studies, Start ups, Re-Engineering, Culinary & Operations Development

To discuss customized consultation packages, project and single-event rates call Chef Brian Aaron at 305.513.4760 or email

Chef Brian's Adventures Spirt

Chef Brian Aaron travels every month and every summer to a different part of the world for a culinary expedition finding new trends, new cuisines, new ingredients. “The secret is to never stop learning. There are so many different varieties of flavors, colors, shapes and textures that fascinate me and inspire me to keep on re-creating. Food is life and it has a special psychological good feeling behind it, its history, its culture and most of people’s happiest moments are around the dinner table. And these culinary expeditions allow me to bring all that back and display it in my food”.

Aaron's Catering

Aaron’s Catering is a food driven, farm to table, catering company for over 12 years providing innovative and out of the box presentations with a twist. We focus on setting the trends by using innovation, tight relationships with local farmers, technology, culinary alliances and being heavily involved with the industry.

Chef Brian Aaron brings food, art and science together to create an unbelievable experience along with an impeccable service, out of the box presentations and eye-candy staff.

From an event for 2 for the King of Spain to 40,000 meals, contact us for your next event and we will tailor it to your vision and surpass all your expectations. We look forward to working with you. Thank you for choosing AARON’S CATERING by Chef Brian Aaron.

Every recipe tells a story…
we believe in farm to table
we believe in telling our story
we believe in thinking differently
we believe in changing the catering industry
we believe in using the freshest ingredients and growing it with local vendors
we believe in providing an experience


its about to happen… planting seeds for children around the world

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Get in Touch

For media relations, contact Michael Beovides via email at or call (786) 303-7800. Download Chef Brian Aaron’s Press Kit.

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